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  • ​Our clients are also profesional athletes from various sport fields: road protour
    cycling, mountain biking, cross-country skiing, biathlon, track and field, marathon,
    triathlon, mountain running, swimming, diving, climbing and mountaineering,
    basketball, football, military…


“The last two months we are on high altitude training camp on 2.500m at Erzurum. We use your hyperoxic – hypoxic generator EO2- altitude contrast training system only on oxygen side (because we’re already on altitude) and we use it 3-5 times weekly depending on the difficulty of the training. Regeneration was amazing, so we can manage to increase the volume of training for almost 10% more than we planed. Also, the system saved us the first week when we arrived, we could immediately begin to train with high intensity. I personally also use system on oxygen side 3 times per week after training and beside incredible recovery I notice that my brains, memory,… I don’t now how to explain… works much better. I have never used better system than this.”
Nikola Borić, athletes coach, Turkey

“I’ve used system for contrast training during living at altitude. After sleeping I always fell tired and dizzy and need nearly one hour to start with training plan, but after using the protocol for regeneration, I’ve felt immediately fresh and rested and could start with training asap. The same protocol I’ve used before sleeping. I was also very pleased with the result I notice after protocol I’ve made between two hard ascents. I was surprised how easily I‘ve done the second one, lactic acid was lower then normal.”
Kristijan Koren, cyclist

“I’ve used altitude tent in preparation phase for some years now, so altitude training is a part of my preparation for the season. I’ve had the best feelings usually 7 days after use. From my experience the use of altitude sleeping has many benefits especially on blood count. I always check it before and after altitude tent. I recommend altitude training for all endurance athletes.”
Mitja Krevs, middle-long distance runner, Slovenia

“I’ve used the equipment for Contrast Training since february 2015 and I have to admit I’ve been quite surprised with the results. I’m personally impressed with the system just as well as my clients: professional athletes, recreational athletes and anactive people. They report to me about better concentration, improvement of well-being, higher aerobic capacity, faster regeneration and improved metabolism. Protocols allow me to adapt every individual’s needs and use them also for all those who are struggling with stress or burnout syndrome. I find out that after only after two or three treatments individuals fell much better, regain joy for exercise, improve quality of sleep and better concentration.”
Tomaž Kocjan, wellness manager at Acqui Terme Italy and fitness coach for professional and recreational golf players, Italy


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