Contrast Training Programs

Protocol 1

stimulates secretion of HGH (growth hormone) and EPO (hormone erythropoietin), affects the rapid improvement VO2max

Protocol description:

The protocol was created on the base of Sprint Training Model, the training method which is widely used by athletes from different sport fields to boost the performance. With this protocol the user quickly improves VO2Max, much faster than with other known methods, and stimulates Human growth hormone known as HGH and Erythropoietin hormone known as EPO with use of hypoxia and hyperoxia (altitude air and oxygen) in the same protocol. Some users have been reported to improve their VO2Max even for 25% within 10 weeks.

The main difference between usual sprint method and this protocol is extended time of recovery between the individual sprints. In this protocol the user has a much deeper recovery because it is reinforced with detoxification.

The protocol allows 8 sprints but the user should stop with the following sprints when the current sprint duration fall on half. The progress is shown by numbers of completed sprints, max. eight. Sprints should be started instantly after recovery with no delay or resting. No resting also in the sprint itself.

The protocol has 2 phases. The first sprint represents EPO phase where the protocol uses different models of stress which stimulates adaptive mechanism in the body and with this stimulates EPO hormone. Eight sprints represents HGH phase where hypoxic sprints causes a strong anaerobic stress and quickly consumes serum glucose generating deficit which stimulates growth hormone (HGH).

When the blood flow and hart rate exceed the normal training value the increased detoxification take place.

After finishing the protocol if the user want to prolong the fat loss the use of sauna or similar is recommended because the fat tissue has poor blood circulation and this protocol seem to stimulate fat-loss. With appropriate diet the loss can be 1 kg per 5 sessions.

Protocol 2.

increases the concentration of oxygen in the blood, opens capillaries and increases blood flow, strengthens the connective tissue, reduces fatigue, removes lactic acid and pain,
speed up recovery, restores the oxygen level, immediately improves the mental function

Protocol description:
This protocol can be used before competition or training, after competition or training and for brain oxygenation.

Used before competition or training the protocol helped an athlete in a way that:

  • opens blood vessels for optimal blood flow to the muscles also in case when it has been hampered by the previous race or training
  • can be very good warm up before the competition. Recommended to be used no later than 24h before performance. The protocol does not cause fatigue.
  • reinforces the connective tissue and reduces the risk of injury
  • reduces recovery time after race

Used after competition or training the protocol:

  • reduces fatigue
  • decreases the inflammation with restoring blood flow to stressed muscles and tissues.
    minimizes soreness with removing lactic acid from the body
  • decreases recovery time on half of normal time with clearing inflammation which slow down the recovery
  • accelerates the healing of microtrauma in the connective tissue with an increased amount of oxygen in the blood
  • prevents overtraining fatigue with reducing the post performance waste accumulation in the body.


Used for brain oxygenation the protocol restores the level of oxygen in the head for treating brain-, ears- and eyes inflammation caused by different conditions like:

  • mild traumatic brain injury known as Brain Concussion
  • clouding of consciousness commonly known as Brain Fog or Mental Fog
  • dizziness caused by low blood pressure
  • disorder of the inner ear known as Ménière’s disease
  • ringing in the ears known as Tinnitus
  • different types of dizzeness like Vertigo
  • fatigue, lack of concentration and dizziness caused by high altitude (alpinists, mountaineers, athletes on high altitude preparation,…)

    Protocol opens brain vessels and capillaries and allows delivery of maximum quantity of oxygen rich blood to the brain to resolve the condition. Based on experience it significantly and instantly improves cognitive function.

Protocol 3.

resolves fatigue, increases red blood cells, improves lung function

Protocol description:

In this protocol user moves from oxygen air to hypoxic air. Sprints on high altitude caused oxygen dept therefore the oxygen phase is much more effective and oxygen overflow the body more efficiently.

Protocol benefits:

  • overflow the body with oxygen
  • improving transmission and more efficient use of oxygen in the body
  • stimulates production of hormone erytropoetin known as EPO which increases the production of red blood cells
  • increase of red blood cells increases the amount of stored oxygen which affects on delay from aerobic to anaerobic energy production during strenuous exercise.
  • improves lung function
  • stimulate adaptation on high altitude
  • resolves the season fatigue in one or two treatments.


Protocol 4.

prolongs aerobic capacity and delay passage into the anaerobic threshold

Protocol description:

Protocol extends aerobic capacity and raises the anaerobic threshold. It helps to improve the transport and use of oxygen kept in the body by triggering low and high saturation (SPO2).

Low saturation enables the delay at reaching the anaerobic threshold with oxygen stored in blood while high saturation speed up recovery and move from anaerobic to aerobic metabolism.

With this protocol user can observe the low saturation level and trains his body to use stored oxygen in the blood, everytime it reaches low saturation level, to get more energy and prolong the performanse in aerobic metabolism. The lowest saturation noticed at athlete is cca 61% though most individuals can tolerate between 75 – 85% saturation.


Protocol 5.

improves sleeping, eliminates season fatigue, overtraining and discomfort

Protocol description:

In this protocol deep tiredness coming from intense training in the middle of the season can be washed away in one treatment.

Season tiredness caused by over training produces stress who makes capillaries more narrow. Blood flow is restricted and not enough oxygen flow through the blood which in turn increases the anaerobic metabolism. The result is increased lactic acid production in muscles and body tissues which leads to a vicious circle of return in anaerobic metabolism. Athlet feels fatigue, apathy, sleeplessness and discomfort with the advancement of the season.

Protocol restores blood flow by opening capillaries and overflow the body with rich oxygen.


Protocol 6.

boost the immune system, removes metabolic waste, treats body tissues, plasma and lymph, equals the use of a hyperbaric chamber

Protocol description:

This protocol provides an identical effect as a hyperbaric chamber. It removes tiredness, discomfort, lack of energy, exhaustion, burnout, help with daily stress,…

For users feeling sick, tired after journey or already catching a cold, virosis or flu is recommended to use together with the protocol some supplements which boost the immune system like: echinacea extract, cat’s claw, colostrum, ganoderma lucidum (reishi), thyme tincture,…

Protocol benefits:

  • boosts the immune system
  • enables healing body tissues, plasma and lymph with rich oxygen
  • removes metabolic waste from body tissues


Protocol 7.

improves lung function, increases red blood cell production, improves blood circulation, used 3 weeks before climb

It is recommended to use this protocol on daily basis together with altitude tent (hypoxic sleeping) three weeks or at least two weeks before going to high altitude.

Protocol description:

The protocol challenges the organism with low oxygen and thus triggers the adaptation mechanisms in the body. At the end after hypoxic stimulation the “cool down” with oxygen shortens the time of regeneration after altitude training.

Protocol benefits:

The adaptation mechanisms of the body are:

  • stimulation of production of hormone erytropoetin (EPO) which increases the production of red blood cells
  • improvement in lung function
  • the formation of new capillaries and improved transport of oxygen in the blood to the body’s tissues, muscles and brains.
  • the increased formation of more efficient mitochondria and their density, allowing more effective use of oxygen in energy production.

Protocol 8.

boosts energy levels, rejuvenates mitochondria, reduces stress, anti-ageing 

Protocol description:

The last preset protocol is the only one that runs in a passive mode. In a comfortable sitting position, the user alternately breathes hypoxic and hyperoxic air through the mask according to a preset protocol.

Protocol benefits:

The benefits of IHHT :

  • Rejuvenated mitochondria
  • Boosted ability of body’s cells to regenerate
  • Increased efficiency of the mitochondria that reduce oxidative stress (aging , degenerative diseases)
  • Boosted body energy at the molecular level
  • Improved transfer and use of oxygen in the body.
  • Overflow the body with oxygen
  • Increased capillarizaion and thereby blood flow to the muscles and tissues

  • Raised levels of EPO, hemoglobin and myoglobin which enable the larger amounts of oxygen to be transfered to the cells

  • Increased secretion of growth hormone.

  • The protocol is also effective when treating asthma, diabetes, sleep disorders and chronic diseases.

  • The user can use this methode also when injured or sick. 


Protocol 9.

Protocol benefits:

The last protocol is not pre-set protocol but the user can manually run his own protocol by setting the oxygen level and monitor running time.

Protocol „Manual“ can be also used for:
IHT – Interval (Intermittent) Hypoxic Training, a passive exercise using mask in a sitting position where user breaths alternately altitude (hypoxic) air and room air under the protocol.

IHHT – Interval (Intermittent) Hypoxic Hyperoxic Training, a passive exercise using mask in a sitting position where user breaths alternately altitude (hypoxic) air and oxygen rich (hyperoxic) air under the protocol.


Hypoxic Exercise (Altitude Workout Training), training with mask on altitude air on different ergometers like: bicycle, stepper, treadmill, rower with moderate intesity for rehabilitation and regeneration or intense workout to boost the performance.

Exercise for Connective Tissue
When a connective tissue or muscle is injured the athlete can breathe rich oxygen while doing therapeutic exercises with repetitive movements that isolate sensitive tissue. The user can also strengthen connective tissue using rich oxygen while doing exercise on wobble cushion or lifting light weight on a vibrating platform or similar.
The development of muscle tissue usually does not go hand in hand with the development of connective tissue. The result is weaker tissue, affected with micro trauma after every heavy workout and which can not serve the stronger muscle. This exercise can help at healing and strengthening the connective tissue.

Oxygen Therapy, breathing oxygen in sitting position.

Exercise for connective tissue- if the connective tissue or muscle is injured, the user can breath an oxygen-enriched air while perform therapeutic exercises with repeated movements that isolate sensitive tissue and thus accelerate rehabilitation.

Different methods of training, as a result of an unbalanced development of muscles and connective tissue, often create imbalances in the structure and in power. This imbalance increases the risk of injury. Hi density training causes micro tissue damage to the connective tissue. In top athletes, this is reflected as chronic inflammation and damage to connective tissues (including micro tissue damage caused by intense training) and often affect athletes with increased muscle mass.

An athlete can prevent damage by strengthening connective tissue. Exercises are performed by breathing oxygen through the mask, and at the same time performing special exercises, for example, on a round cushion, or raising lightweight weights on a vibrating platform and similar.

Oxygen training helps in healing and strengthening of connective tissue.


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