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eliminates fatigue, overtraining, mitigates the effects of stress, effectively and quickly alleviates the consequences of a “hangover,” flushes out lactate, and increases or improves concentration.

The protocol is designed based on Dr. Manfred von Ardenne’s book “Oxygen Multistep Therapy” and is the simplest and easiest of the protocols that are part of the Contrast Training system.

It is intended for beginners and users who, due to various reasons, are in poor physical condition or unaccustomed to more strenuous physical activity.

It is also highly suitable for athletes who, in addition to regular training, cannot or do not want to perform the protocol with contrast sprints.

A fifteen-minute workout is recommended, but under different circumstances, when this is not entirely possible, a workout lasting more than 3 minutes is also effective. Do not worry if the first training session is shorter. The key to success is repetitions and perseverance. The body will respond in any case; how quickly depends on your current health and how often you use oxygen training.

In case you want to enhance the effect with dietary supplements after consulting with a doctor, start the protocol 20 minutes after ingestion. Train for at least 3 minutes and if possible, continue for up to 15 minutes.

Rest for 30 minutes after exercise to allow your body to cool down and regenerate. Once you can easily and effortlessly exercise for 15 minutes, you can try more advanced contrast training protocols that help you achieve specific goals.


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