Altitude exercise – Altitude Mask Training

Shorter training. Double calorie consumption.


Hypoxic training makes the normal training more intense and shorter, since the aerobic mechanisms in the body triggered earlier. Shorter training. Double calorie consumption. The duration of the active altitude training depends on what you want to achieve. For optimum effect, we recommend two or three moderately intensive 30 minutes altitude trainings per week in addition to regular training. For optimal results, the altitude training does not have to be intense, which speaks in favor of rehabilitation after injuries when the athlete can not train with high intensity and maintains fitness with shorter and less intense trainings. The hypoxia has an anaerobic effect on specific muscle groups and thus mimics a high-intensity training. With the altitude training, the cardiovascular, respiratory and immune system receives a strong training stimulus, which also improves the lactate metabolism.


The benefits of active altitude training include:

  • Increased VO2max.
  • Double calorie consumption.
  • Shorter training needed for the same sports performance.
  • Increased formation of more effective mitochondria and their density, allowing more efficient use of oxygen in energy production
  • Decreased heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Extended time for training to exhaustion.
  • Improved lactate metabolism.
  • Shorter recovery time.


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