Altitude Sleeping

Train while sleeping


Sleeping at altitude has become an important part of training for many top athletes. Science and medicine both confirm that sleeping at an altitude significantly improves sports performance. When sleeping at the altitude, it is mostly the cardiovascular system that is adjusting. For sleeping at altitude, medium altitude is mostly used. Since sleeping is the time when the body regenerates, a balance between training and rest must be carefully maintained. The rule with sleeping at altitude is that more is less, namely that the higher altitude does not give better results, rather the opposite. Optimal results are obtained by getting at least 8 hours of sleep per night for at least 3 weeks.

Studies show that sleeping in an altitude tent is even better than staying in the mountains. Due to thin air, the athletes staying at an altitude can not fully exploit their potential, since they are forced to reduce the intensity of training. In an altitude tent, athletes can take advantage of the positive features of both worlds. By staying on the lowland and sleeping in an altitude tent they can trully implement the regime “SLEEP HIGH, TRAIN LOW”.


The benefits of sleeping at altitude:

  • increased production of the erythropoetin (EPO) hormone, which stimulates the production of red blood cells
  • the increase in the blood volume and hematocrit rise.
  • the formation of new capillaries and the improved transport of oxygen in blood to the body’s tissues, muscles and brains. The increased formation of more efficient mitochondria and their density, allowing more effective use of oxygen in energy production.


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