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Altitude generator kit

  • generator EO2contrast 6.200m
  • hepa filter
  • hose 4m
  • oxygen kit with cannula
  • special filter-silencer (reduce noise and breathing effect)
  • manual with training programs

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Regular price with VAT: 2.806,00€

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 Sleeping Set

  • generator EO2 contrast 6.200m
  • tent
  • hepa filter
  • hose 4m
  • finger pulseoximeter
  • oxygen kit with cannula
  • special filter-silencer (reduce noise and breathing effect)
  • manual with training programs

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Sleeping + IHT + Workout Set

  • generator EO2contrast 6.200m
  • inflatable tent 200x150x150 cm
  • hepa filter
  • hose 6m
  • finger pulseoximeter
  • basic mask kit
  • oxygen kit with cannula and
  • humidifier bottle
  • manual with training programs
  • special filter-silencer (reduce noise and breathing effect)

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IHT + Workout Set

  • generator EO2contrast 6.200m
  • hepa filter
  • hose 6m
  • finger pulseoximeter
  • basic mask kit
  • universal mask with silicon band
  • oxygen kit with cannula
  • manual with training programs

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The Altitude Training means breathing altitude air, as exercising or staying, air with less oxygen common known as hypoxic air in order to acclimatize for high mountains, improve sport performance, loss extra weight or strengthen the health.

In the past the Altitude Training was carried out on higher altitude locations in sport facilities like: St. Moritz, Sierra Nevada, Font Romeu and similar on altitude around 2.000 – 2.500 m . With modern altitude technology the high altitude preparation can be carried out almost everywhere as user desires.

Equipment which simulates the high altitude allows having Altitude Training anywhere, anytime with any desire altitude. The Commercial Altitude Systems with computer-controlled distribution system as well as the Portable Altitude Systems create an environment that imitates the conditions in the high mountains.

Simulated Altitude Training, also known as Altitude Tent, Altitude Training, Altitude Exercise or Altitude Mask Training can be available for you:

24 hours / 7 days a week / 365 days a year!


By purchasing your own Portable Altitude Training System using in the comfort of your home or club facilities and benefit from it.


  • Improve sports performance
  • Reduce regeneration time after training
  • Speed up recovery
  • Enhance physical fitness
  • Acclimatize for mountaineering and trekking
  • Strengthen your health
  • Improve your well-being
  • Lose weight
  • Improve the performance and the result of your race horse
    ….and achieve your set goals.

To own your personal Altitude Training System or Altitude Tent is also economically justified, since the initial investment is quickly reimbursed compared to expensive altitude preparation in specialized altitude centers, home or abroad.

Simulated altitude training does not deny the importance of oxygen in human life, but rather the opposite. The body, when it is exposed to altitude in an environment with a lower oxygen content, strives to adapt and restore conditions such as on the lowland, meaning to get enough oxygen in the body. Within a few days of staying at altitude, through physiological adaptation such as improved pulmonary function, the formation of new capillaries, an increased number of red blood cells, the rejuvenation of mitochondria and many other mechanisms, the body increases blood flow and improves oxygen transmission, thus it is supplied with the same amount of oxygen as before on the lowland.

The story would not be very interesting if we stayed at the high elevation, but magic happens when the adapted body returns to the lowland. Increased oxygen transfer in the body in a normal environment creates feelings that athletes and other users describe as “move to a higher gear”. At such moments, we go really higher, faster, stronger and in addition strengthens our health, improves the immune system, reduces the symptoms of chronic disease problems, reduces overweight, and much more … Simulated Altitude Training presents sleeping , exercising or interval training in an ambient that creates an altitude simulated by special equipment in the building, hall, room, chamber or altitude tent.

Altitude Training is probably the most powerful form of natural remedy with long lasting effect.


Compared to the portable altitude training systems which are intended for individual use, commercial systems are intended for public use. We can create an environment with any altitude in smaller or larger buildings such as: altitude hotels, altitude houses, altitude apartments , altitude rooms, sports facilities, halls, fitness centers, spa centers and alike. Their advantage is that they can be set anywhere, at any altitude, by the sea or on the mountains and can be used for following aplications: Altitude Sleeping and Altitude Exercise.


Contrast training, part of which is also an intermittent hypoxic hyperoxic training – IHHT, represents a new approach in the field of profesional sports, recreational sport, well-being and health and represents a step forward from EWOT – Exercise with Oxygen Therapy. The system runs a computer program under selected short protocols, which are no longer than half an hour. The protocols are designed for specific needs or goals and their longlasting benefits permanently affects positive changes in the body. Contrast training combines exercising in hypoxia (altitude air), known as Altitude Training and exercise in hyperoxia (oxygen-enriched air) which is known as EWOT- Exercise with Oxygen Therapy. By training in hypoxia, the body cells quickly create an increased need for oxygen, and when the system switches to oxygen, the body is very efficiently overflowed with oxygen. Oxygen overflow take place at cell level and also in blood plasma and body tissues. A similar effect can only be achieved through therapy in a hyperbaric chamber.

Well, what are we doing with this hugh amount of oxygen in the body?
If we are athletes, professional or recreational, we need effective regeneration to prevent injuries and physical fatigue. In this case, the Before / After Race (link) protocol, only fifteen minutes, twice a week, makes a miracle: releases lactate metabolics, relieves pain, strengthenes the blood flow, increases the resistance of the connective tissue, shortenes the regeneration time to half, improves the mental function.

If we are stressed, even burntout with a weak immune system or poor concentration and short memory, then the Body Detox (link) protocol is perfect in order to removes the waste products of metabolism, enables the healing of body tissues, plasma and lymphs, improves the immune system and cognitive function.


The origins of using oxygen in physical activity date in the late 1960s, when prof. dr. Ardenne created a special therapy called the Oxygen Multistep Therapy. He has found out that a wide variety of illnesses like cancer, heart disease, circulatory disorders and even mental illness are sometimes related to oxygen deficiencies. With more oxygen in the body the organism can fight more effectively with the disease, as well as help to achieve optimum overall health and longevity.




IHHT system with a pre-programmed protocol for passive interval hypo-hyper training using a tablet or phone. A pleasant and relaxing experience, but don't let it deceive you. This is probably the most demanding workout at the cellular level that you will experience....



As many of you've already known in January we've finished a very nice project and among biggest in Europe 15 altitude rooms for Sport hotel Pokljuka, Slovenia, so there is a new location for your simulated altitude training. ​ In a completely renovated hotel is...



Nikola Borić, athletes coach

“The last two months we are on high altitude training camp on 2.500m at Erzurum. We use your hyperoxic – hypoxic generator EO2- altitude contrast training system only on oxygen side (because we’re already on altitude) and we use it 3-5 times weekly depending on the difficulty of the training. Regeneration was amazing, so we can manage to increase the volume of training for almost 10% more than we planed. Also, the system saved us the first week when we arrived, we could immediately begin to train with high intensity. I personally also use system on oxygen side 3 times per week after training and beside incredible recovery I notice that my brains, memory,… I don’t now how to explain… works much better. I have never used better system than this.”

Kristian, procyclist

“I’ve used system for contrast training during living at altitude. After sleeping I always fell tired and dizzy and need nearly one hour to start with training plan, but after using the protocol for regeneration, I’ve felt immediately fresh and rested and could start with training asap. The same protocol I’ve used before sleeping. I was also very pleased with the result I notice after protocol I’ve made between two hard ascents. I was surprised how easily I‘ve done the second one, lactic acid was lower then normal.”

Mitja Krevs, middle-long distance runner

“I’ve used altitude tent in preparation phase for some years now, so altitude training is a part of my preparation for the season. I’ve had the best feelings usually 7 days after use. From my experience the use of altitude sleeping has many benefits especially on blood count. I always check it before and after altitude tent. I recommend altitude training for all endurance athletes.”

Tomaz Kocjan, wellness manager

“I’ve used the equipment for Contrast Training since february 2015 and I have to admit I’ve been quite surprised with the results. I’m personally impressed with the system just as well as my clients: professional athletes, recreational athletes and anactive people. They report to me about better concentration, improvement of well-being, higher aerobic capacity, faster regeneration and improved metabolism. Protocols allow me to adapt every individual’s needs and use them also for all those who are struggling with stress or burnout syndrome. I find out that after only after two or three treatments individuals fell much better, regain joy for exercise, improve quality of sleep and better concentration.”


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