IHT Intermittent Hypoxic Training

Use Intermittent Hypoxic Training while resting.


An individual IHT training lasts for a short period of time , but is, despite its passive form, so intense that it triggers a strong response from the body, namey the body’s adjustment to the height. During the IHT, we alternately breathe altitude and ambient air. Intervals are to be changed every 5 minutes and the session lasts 60 minutes. During these intervals, the oxygen levels in blood change (increase and decreases) and force the body to be adjust, which results in the training effect. When the body adjusts to breathing the air with less oxygen, the oxygen is used much more efficiently. This adjustment process takes 15 days. Positive changes can last up to 3 months and are maintained by a 5- day program.

The benefits of IHT include :

  • Improved transfer and use of oxygen in the body.
  • Increased capillarizaion and thereby blood flow to the muscles and tissues
  • Raised levels of EPO, hemoglobin and myoglobin which enable the larger amounts of oxygen to be transfered to the cells
  • Increased efficiency of the mitochondria that reduce oxidative stress (aging , degenerative diseases)
  • Increased secretion of growth hormone.
  • The IHT is effective when treating asthma, diabetes, sleep disorders and chronic diseases.
  • The athlete can use this methode also when injured or sick.


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